Tuesday, 26 April 2011

me presents... all alone in the abandoned party performance

during the course of Liverpool Biennial 2010 The Cooperative venue was set up by several local arts collectives; taking over the derelict "Rapid Hardware" paint shop on Renshaw St. with weekly show changeovers

on november 6th from 3pm til 5pm me presents performed for the 1st time ever! situated &positioned within the window space of The Cooperative &coinciding with that eve's special event "HELLFAYRE...a night &day of death, smoke &noise"

event &flyer/poster created by mike aitken

me presents' focus was to consistently eat cake and candy for the 2hr duration spent within The Cooperative's window space, in character &in full public view

photos courtesy of mike aitken &kitty ford

surrounded by an installation of me presents' papier mached "teef" works; comprising of 40 giant teeth of varying shapes, styles &sizes, &alongside an a.P.A.t.T soundtack which could only be heard by me presents

 photos by me presents

n.b.watch this space for me presents' full initial proposal &evolution of this performance piece!


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