Wednesday, 18 May 2011

me presents... red room

me presents debuted her 1st ever installation in celebration of Leeds Metropolitan Univervisity's Fine Art degree show of may 2005

"me presents... red room"(2005)
photos by me presents

the initial proposal required a suitable space within the 3rd year fine art studios approximately 10ft x 10ft in order to build a small room with a ceiling within this designated space; later to be decorated me presents style...

 me presents' original installation plan

with technicians' assistance the room was built and then ready for me presents to completely wallpaper all surfaces inside this small room (inc.ceiling &floor) with large reproductions of her 1st run of 16original a1 hand-printed pieces 

accompanying this installation, me presents also presented 3of her original hand-bound books...

me presents displayed this a3 hand-bound &hand-printed padded &embossed cased book featuring her 1st ever run of 16original a1 prints created by me presents throughout her final year studies; each folded page within this book=1quarter 1of said a1 prints

24postcards taken from "me presents... postcard book"(1of2)

me presents also displayed 2hand-bound &hand-printed postcard books; 1book=20vertically printed cards &1book=24horizontally printed cards; both sets of cards were also individually replicated by hand-printing and displayed as an offering for viewers to take

 entrance to me presents' "red room"

as well as a page per artist feature in the fine art degree show catalogue, a run of 100postcards per artist showcasing 1chosen image were distributed throughout the opening night itself (see above image on left)

me presents' excerpt taken from Leeds Metropolitan University's Fine Art degree show catalogue:

"I Am An Artist Arse.  If I was an animal, I'd be a bat." 

quote-unquote me presents 2005

Sunday, 15 May 2011

me presents... 3d installations

For the last 9 months me presents has dedicated much of her time and energy towards working on 3d sculpture pieces using papier mache techniques

Whilst inhabiting the Liverpool creative space formerly known as Don't Drop The Dumbells as part-time resident artist; me presents showcased many of these 3d papier mache pieces as installations within the gallery space 

"me presents... teef!"
DDTDB Liverpool dec.2010-jan.2011
photos by richard wiley

n.b. me presents' "teef" were previously feautured in "me presents... all alone in the abandoned party performance piece" nov.2010

"me presents... wolf skullz! (homage to DDTDB)"
DDTDB Liverpool may 2010
photos by sarah hornby

Thursday, 5 May 2011

me presents... stig noise VS barberos

following on from me presents' newest paintings in early 2010 (see below/previous post); 2details from 2of said paintings were combined and used for the artwork/cover design for the stig noise VS barberos 12" vinyl ( split release in july 2010 

the final hand-screen printed design was a collaboration between me presents & sean warz (ghetto text/font &adapted brain) =  

the evolution of me presents... stig noise VS barberos =

me presents' original 2paintings which initially inspired this 12" cover design =

whilst producing these newer paintings, me presents' excerpted details from previous original pieces; along with consistently &methodically recycling imagery &text from various sources


me presents' extracted &adapted 2details from 2original pieces; both of which formerly came from THAT book (1of me presents' "visual diaries" dated 2005-2006)  =

finally... me presents celebrated the completion of the 12" split release in july 2010 by exhibiting several of these progressive pieces alongside an original hand-screen printed mailer/sleeve; having visually gatecrashed the stig noise/barberos release party which was held at liverpool's wolstenholme creative space

photo by me presents