Thursday, 5 May 2011

me presents... stig noise VS barberos

following on from me presents' newest paintings in early 2010 (see below/previous post); 2details from 2of said paintings were combined and used for the artwork/cover design for the stig noise VS barberos 12" vinyl ( split release in july 2010 

the final hand-screen printed design was a collaboration between me presents & sean warz (ghetto text/font &adapted brain) =  

the evolution of me presents... stig noise VS barberos =

me presents' original 2paintings which initially inspired this 12" cover design =

whilst producing these newer paintings, me presents' excerpted details from previous original pieces; along with consistently &methodically recycling imagery &text from various sources


me presents' extracted &adapted 2details from 2original pieces; both of which formerly came from THAT book (1of me presents' "visual diaries" dated 2005-2006)  =

finally... me presents celebrated the completion of the 12" split release in july 2010 by exhibiting several of these progressive pieces alongside an original hand-screen printed mailer/sleeve; having visually gatecrashed the stig noise/barberos release party which was held at liverpool's wolstenholme creative space

photo by me presents

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